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Credit Card Wallets That Are Worth Having

Here are some credit card wallets for men and women. You always want to have the best wallet you can afford. You want to have a wallet that can carry more than six credit cards. You probably have credit cards and other store ID cards so you want a wallet that will carry maybe up to ten cards. has a wide range of high risk merchant account that might interest you.

On this page you will find some reviews and information on some of the best wallets to buy.

Some of the best credit card wallets you can buy

Credit card wallets are becoming popular these days. Not only is this type of wallet handy, but it is also very practical as not only the credit cards and debit cards can be stored.

Credit card walletsAll your essentials such as driver’s license and SSS ID can fit into the compartments. If you have business cards, you can also store some on it. Unlike the traditional wallet, this wallet does not fold to close.

It is a compact version of a wallet designed to give you an easy access to your cards, whether credit or identification. Credit card wallets are not difficult to find. They are available in leather stores, luggage shops and department stores.

The Ravello designer uses buttery soft leather for its card wallet. It has a silky feel on the skin. The Carezza collection can comfortably holds business cards. It also has three credit card slots, exterior and interior stash pockets for additional cards, and an ID window with keyhole cut-out for easy removal.

Majorca wallet is more than a stylish card wallet. It is very functional, as it can be worn as a clutch. Inside is a compartment for a ball pen. The double-zip has 16 card slots, ID window and 2 money bill pockets.

In the center is a zipped portion where you can store accessories, and it has a pen loop. The material used is pebbled full-grain leather. When you buy it, it comes with a free walletini pen. Its durability is ensured with levenger lining and nickel hardware.

Accordion is also a quality manufacturer of credit card wallets. Its bestselling wallet has three zipped pockets. The opening provides easy and quick access. Inside, it has 4 interior compartments. One of the compartments can hold 12 credit cards.

There are also two stash pockets to store money or receipts, and one interior zipped pocket for coins. Outside, it has another stash pocket. When you buy it, you get free walletini pen.

Even when the wallet card is full, it can retain its slender shape. The material used is full-grain pebbled leather with contrast stitching.

St. Tropez, another brand for card wallets is a leather wallet with casual elegance. It is a double-sided wallet with understated style and usefulness. Using softly textured glove leather, this compact wallet has divided currency pocket for cash storage. The front section of St. Tropez credit card wallets can hold 5 cards, and it has two stash pockets for receipts.

The back section has another stash pocket for cards, and a small zipped compartment for coins or tokens. Both sections are secured with a snap closure. To ensure durability, the manufacturer used levenger lining and brass hardware.

Four Different Materials Used In Credit Card Wallets

The need for credit card wallets is growing unstoppably. People usually carry more than one card with them. Because of that, to have something that would hold their plastic cards is necessary.

In buying credit card wallets, people have various choices. The selection is not limited to the usual design for wallet or purse. Thus, if you are looking for a casual looking card wallet, then you’d definitely find it.

Credit card walletsTo supply the market with broader selection, card wallet manufacturer used a variety of materials. These materials give different aura and appeal on the designs that they are making. Because of these materials, a card wallet may appear sporty, casual, classy and elegant. To help you understand why, here are four materials that are used in manufacturing these wallets:

Leather credit card wallets

Leather- this material has been used all throughout the history in making bags, wallets, shoes and some clothes. A credit card wallet made with a pure leather material would bring about a classy look. It will be the perfect choice if you have to attend parties and even corporate meetings. However, some leather wallets look more casual especially those that are mixed with other materials.

Metal Credit card wallets

Metal- who would have thought that metals can be used in designing credit card wallets? Surely, you almost didn’t. If you love the outdoors and sports, then you be having something like this.

A card wallet that is made with metal isn’t just something that would hold your cards. It also offers protection. Thus, while you are out and having fun, you don’t have to worry about the rain or any other factor that could cause damage to your credit cards. If you are looking for something sporty and at the same time classy, then, metal is your wallet.

Plastic Credit Card Wallets

Plastic- As with metals, plastic card wallets also offer protection. But, they would cost cheaper than those that are designed with metal materials. Moreover, plastic wallets have more designs than metal types.

However, plastic looks cheaper than the previous material. So, if you want to look elegant, then this isn’t a choice for you.

Fabric Credit Card Wallets

Fabric- as with leather, this material is and will always be among the top materials used by designers and manufacturers. One good reason for this is that there are different types of fabrics to choose from. Thus, you can find credit card wallets in jeans, silk, velvet, canvass and other textiles that are so loved by designers.

Among all other material, this one is also the most flexible. It can be easily tailored and mixed with other materials including various kinds of fabrics. Furthermore, fabric credit card wallets are guaranteed affordable.

Some designs that are made with fabrics look elegant, stylish, casual and sporty. Basically, it is a perfect choice if you want something inexpensive yet pleasing in the eyes.

There are other materials that card wallets are made with. But, these four are the most popular and commonly seen in the market- both online and offline.

The materials used in producing credit card wallets would greatly influence your choice. However, don’t worry, because which choice you would have, the reason for purchasing it remains the same. That is- to have something that would hold your cards.